Start Developing with AXON Predict

The AXON Predict Download provides all you need to learn how to get instant insight into your devices and their data, anomalies, behaviors, and more. 

System requirements

  • AXON Predict can be installed and run on any device installed and configured with Docker. For complete prerequisites, see the Prerequisites Section of the Installation instructions

Before you can Download

  1. Register with the Edge Developer Portal, if you haven’t already.
  2. Make sure you are Logged in

If you need help registering with the Edge Developer Portal or downloading AXON Predict, contact

After downloading, continue to Install AXON Predict.


Predict Hub

Provides the AXON Predict Platform back-end and visualization engine. It includes authentication and secure communications, a highly available and scalable database, and powerful graphical visualization engine, all bundled and provided as a single docker image. The hub can be hosted on public or private clouds, or on-premise.


Atom is the AXON Predict edge component. This small, C-based engine consumes 1MB or less memory and operates by reading device data and performing analytics at the edge – on the device. Atom will send analytics results and selected data to the Predict Hub for visualization and use in advanced analytics across device groupings, or for performing computations with historical data.

Real-time Data Simulator

Included in the download is a real-time data simulator that starts when you start AXON Predict. It provides sample engine data you will use when following the Quick Starts. (For more information, see Quick Starts.)