Environmental Policy

Introduction and Objective
Greenwave Systems is a private company. Its global operations include primary locations in the United States, Singapore, Denmark and Korea.

Greenwave Systems is an Internet of Things (IoT) software platform provider. Our software enables service providers embracing IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks to rapidly launch new premium services while addressing security, interoperability, flexibility and scalability from a single IoT solution: the AXON Platform®. Mobile carriers, telecommunications operators, utilities and all manner of service providers trust the AXON Platform to safely integrate data and communications from a variety of existing and emerging digital protocols. The AXON Platform enables Greenwave clients to swiftly create new revenue streams by introducing vanguard services on managed networks.

We recognize that our operations result in emissions to air and water, and the generation of waste. It is our objective to comply with legislation and other requirements, continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This company-wide policy is part of our commitment to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and describes how we will go about achieving this objective.

Greenwave will:

• Promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner

• Educate and inform our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work habits

• Virtualize servers to reduce electricity consumption

• Purchase Energy Star certified computers, monitors, and office appliances

• Make use of motion sensor-based lighting and climate controls

• Recycle electronic waste from computers, monitors, set top video boxes, routers and other devices

• Reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled or recyclable products and materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable

• Reduce business travel between Greenwave and customer/supplier locations (both air and ground transportation) by use of video conferencing

• Ensure that ISO 14001 certification is a key requirement for the selection of major suppliers to Greenwave and its customers

• Strive to continually improve our environmental performance by periodically reviewing our environmental policy with respect to our current and planned future activities

This Environmental Policy applies to all of our operations. Milla Manniche, VP Global Administration and Strategic Relations is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the objectives of the policy are met.

Monitoring and Auditing
Adherence to this Environmental Policy will be monitored quarterly and audited annually across all Greenwave locations.

This Environmental Policy is available to employees, customers and suppliers on Greenwave’s website at www.greenwavesystems.com.

Milla Manniche
VP Global Administration and Strategic Relations
On behalf of Greenwave Systems

August 15, 2017