Quick Starts

Understand the Power of AXON Predict

Important – Each Quick Start instructs you to create content and configurations which are used in subsequent Quick Starts. It’s important that you follow the Quick Starts in order, and complete each, before moving to the next.

You will need to install AXON Predict before using these Quick Starts to get the full experience.

Engine Use Case

You are responsible for keeping the 8-cylinder diesel engine running smoothly and avoiding unscheduled downtime.

You want to use AXON Predict, your new Industrial IoT Edge Analytics software, to monitor the engine in real-time at the engine. You want the software to ensure optimal engine performance by applying analytics and pattern detection for all the Cylinders.

Specifically, you want to ensure the new bearings operate within the manufacturer-defined temperature ranges. The cylinders in this engine model have a recent history of bearing issues including misalignment, insufficient lubrication, and overloading. These issues can lead to spikes in bearing temperature, resulting in failure or even hot spots in the crankcase.

AXON Predict already has all your Engine Data so you can get started immediately.

Ready? Start with Quick Start 1

Engine Data​

For these Quick Starts, a real-time data simulator is providing the devices and sensors pushing data to Predict Atom. The following sensor data for 8 engine cylinders is provided:

• Bearing Temperature
• Crank Angle
• Cylinder Pressure
• Exhaust Temperature

How engine data appears in AXON Predict

The sample data for this engine was acquired over a 24-hour period and will continuously loop while you are using AXON Predict. Each of the cylinders in this example diesel engine appears as a “device” in AXON Predict. Within the UI, you will see 8 “cylinder” devices defined within a single organization, System Organization.