If you are having trouble installing or running AXON Predict, this page may have the answers you need. If you still need help after checking the information here, you can head over to Edge Developer Community Forum. Or, you can use live chat to get help from our experts.

  • Sourcing If you open another command prompt while installing, make sure you source your environment properties within that new window so they are available to the container, using this command:

    For example, a message like this indicates you should source your environment variables in the current window:

  • Make sure port 80 is available to AXON Predict UI, or modify cloud-compose.yml – The AXON Predict UI is defined, by default, to use port 80. If port 80 is not available to the UI, you will see a message similar to the following:
    Error starting userland proxy: Bind for unexpected error Permission denied
    See IMPORTANT NOTE in Installation instructions for steps on specifying a different UI port.
  • Make sure to update atom-compose.yml as explained in Installation instructions – The Quick Starts in this portal use simulated real-time data provided with another Docker container. If you want to use the Quick Starts, or even just have simulated data to test out AXON Predict on your own, you need to modify the atom-compose.yml as explained.
  • Checking status using docker logs – It’s a good idea to watch the docker logs to check the status of the containers as they’re are starting and understand which AXON Predict containers are running. Click here for help viewing the AXON Predict container logs.
  • Installation incomplete or stalled? – After starting the container installation process, you need to wait a few moments for the process to complete. (You can watch the installation progress in the docker logs.) After waiting a period of time, browse http://localhost and look for the AXON Predict UI. If you do not see the UI, one of the following may be the reason:
    • Make sure you have logged in to the Greenwave Systems Docker Registry before running the docker compose commands. (See the Installation instructions for complete information.)
    • Depending on the performance, memory allocations, and CPU usage of your machine, you may need to wait a few more moments for the installation. Make sure to look for the message “Started RiotCloud (version number)” in the cloud docker log (predict_cloud_1).
    • The Cloud installation process may have timed out. If this is the case, you will see a “Failed to Connect” message in the UI. You can restart the Cloud process as follows:
      docker restart predict_cloud_1

      Wait a few moments and then browse your server again.